Giving Circle

Giving Circle

On average, one woman is killed in Australia every week at the hands of her partner...

IMAGINE a world where women and children are safe from harm

GIVE so that our prevention and crisis support services reach more people

IGNITE our collective passion for this issue and help put an end to violence against women and children in our community

Our goal is for 100 members to join the Giving Circle,  each contributing $1,000 each year. The $100,000 raised will enable YWCA NSW to work with more young people to build healthy relationships, support more women and children escaping violence and help them find a safety.

Members ENGAGE with a powerful network who care about respect, equality and safety for women and children.

DECIDE which programs will receive your donation. As a member you will be given the opportunity to vote on your chosen program annually.

SEE firsthand, the difference you are making.

Together, lets IMAGINE, GIVE and UNITE, and put an end domestic violence. Join now.

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