Child Protection



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Y-PEP- Overview
The Y-PEP program is a child protection education program for students from Kindergarten to year 10. The program is aligned to the NESA (formerly BOSTES) PDHPE Syllabus focusing on the three key themes: Recognising Abuse, Power in Relationships and Protective Strategies. This program is funded & supported by the Department of Education

What are the aims?
The aim of the Y-PEP program is to strengthen the existing child protection education curriculum outcomes delivered by teachers so that children and young people are able to identify and respond to risk within relationships.

What are the outcomes?
Students will have:
-An increased awareness of what makes safe and respectful relationships
-An increased knowledge and understanding of rights and responsibilities in relationships
- Improved skills to recognise and assess risk and respond to unsafe situations

How can we get Y-PEP?
There are three options for delivery which ensures that the program can be accessible for your school.